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Unicorn Power! Candy Floss Pink - 3 sizes

Unicorn Power! Candy Floss Pink - 3 sizes

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Lusciously plush! This ships directly from China. Your new plush baby will take longer to arrive, but you'll enjoy much cheaper shipping rates than with expedited shipping.

Bring home a unicorn, and spread the rainbow love!

  • Give them a name
  • Discover their gender(s)
  • Make your home even more joyous

These wonderful unicorns:

  • Also have wings! Is it a pegasus? A pegacorn? A unisus? You decide!
  • Come in adorable sizes - bigger than a mouse, smaller than a house
  • Can brighten up any sofa, bed, shelf, nightstand, or any other place that's unicorn-sized
  • Can keep you company at school, work, in the car/bus/train/plane, or on a picnic
  • Are perfect for loved ones who could use some magic in their lives


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