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Pet Face! Shape 3

Pet Face! Shape 3

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Ships directly from Great Britain. Your plush Pet Face will take longer to arrive, but you'll enjoy much cheaper shipping rates than with expedited shipping.

Approximate Delivery Times

  • US : typically 10-14 working days after order is placed
  • UK : typically 7-10 working days after order is placed
  • Others : typically 12-16 working days after order is placed

This wonderfully wacky cushion (14"x13.75") will have you and your loved ones laughing for days! Personalize with a picture of your (or your friend's) beloved pet so you can snuggle them or take them anywhere without the grunts, fidgeting, or begging for treats!

  • It is really important that you use a light, high quality image of your pet. If the image is dark or shadowed in any way it may affect the product quality, as we use a super black sublimation ink for quality purposes, and this tends to darken the colors slightly -- it may not look like your example image!  
  • Please refer to our photo guide below.
  1. Upload your high-quality image. So much fun!! Try it out for FREE to see how it would look! (Click on the button that says "Personalize.")
  2. Adjust using the edit menu until your image looks right. (The bigger the face, the more distorted the final cushion will look.)

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