A loaf of panettone sits on a plate; a slice has been cut out of the loaf, giving a glimpse of the candied citrus fruits that have been baked into the bread. An out-of-focus Christmas tree is in the background. Image from Wikipedia.

Gift idea for mother-in-law who loves panettone

What's a good gift idea for a mother-in-law who discovered panettone while staying over your house for Christmas and New Year and has been alluding to it ever since whenever your husband talks to her on the phone?

Get the woman a panettone! She's literally telling you what she wants. Better still, get her three or four of these delicious Christmas breads and send them over. There are a lot of brands available in stores; our current favorite is a brand called Madi by Maina: https://www.mainapanettoni.com/madi. The box looks like this:

Madi Gran Panettone

A good accompaniment to the panettone is some delicious coffee. Do you know about Café Bustelo (https://www.cafebustelo.com/en)? It's delicious; it's smooth; using half the normal amount of coffee you'd use, it can taste regular strength; add more for a bolder flavour. You can brew it in an American style electric coffee maker, as well as an Italian style stovetop espresso maker -- while popular all over the world, these espresso makers are especially loved in countless homes across Europe and Latin America. The packaging of Café Bustelo looks like this:

Cafe Bustelo
This is the kind of espresso maker that we have. It's from a company called Grosche (https://grosche.ca/product/milano-italian-stovetop-espresso-maker). It's simple to use and easy to take care of. I'm partial to this design for nostalgic reasons; it's the same style of espresso maker that my foster mom used when I lived in France.
Espresso maker
Instead of wrapping each gift individually, it would be much nicer to stuff them into a reusable tote bag. A sophisticated, neutral pattern like the Chocolate Truffle Diamonds would make this a well-loved accessory all year long:
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