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Gift idea for mom who gives backhanded compliments

What's a good gift idea for a mom who loves offering second and third servings of her cooking while telling you how amazing you are for being able to pack away so much food?

Easy: get her this tote bag. Here's why.

  1. Red is probably her favourite colour.
  2. Dots would be a great pattern for her; it's busy enough to look exciting without going bonkers, and it's sophisticated without being stodgy.
  3. Since she cooks, you know it's going to hold a bunch of onions or tomatoes or okra at some point.
  4. Even though it comes in three sizes, the medium or large sizes will be the most appreciated. If she gets the small one, she might thank you profusely as she adds it to her "regift" pile. While you're standing right there. While she's maintaining full eye contact.
  5. Regardless of whether she's into the pride flag, you'll know that the red colour in the original pride flag represents life. And what a wonderful reason to be grateful for such a strong mom who isn't afraid to voice her thoughts. Now, could you please pass the rice?



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