Gift idea for dad, a conservative but queer-friendly military vet

Gift idea for dad, a conservative but queer-friendly military vet

What's a good gift idea for a dad who's a military vet and not ashamed of his queer kid, and who also happens to be a conservative cis-man that doesn't quite understand why we have and need all the different pronouns, but makes an effort to respect them anyway?

First of all: beautiful. 

And B: can we all call him Daddy?

And #3: I'm thinking dog tag, but with a twist.

 Keychain that you can customize by uploading your own photo. Card on back reads, "Proud Ally."

You can find this, and more, in our Proud Ally Collection (

If we're lucky, we have people in our lives who love and support us -- and they may not always want, or feel the need, to wear and display rainbows all over the place, and that's fine. I concepted and designed the Proud Ally Collection specifically to celebrate them, while they celebrate us.

For these jewelry pieces, the only rainbow is a slim one, printed on the card backing behind the jewelry, and not on the actual pieces themselves. The words "Proud Ally" are elegantly and simply typeset onto the rainbow -- a beautiful way for all of us to celebrate our love and gratitude for one another.

I come from an old military family and have much love for our troops. As kids, my siblings, cousins, and I were often dressed by our parents in olive drab and camouflage and camo face paint; we wore our parents' dog tags. Now that we're grown, my relatives can still be found in every branch of the U.S. military, and some in the younger generations of our family are keeping this tradition alive.

Like other military families, dog tags have special significance for us.

A really thoughtful aspect of this kind of dog tag is that it's customizable with your high-quality photo, and you also have the option to engrave the back. Your picture will be protected with a liquid glass coating, and it won't fade -- this is hand-crafted and built to last. It comes in durable surgical stainless steel, or you can choose to have it finished with 18k gold.

And, because it's a keychain, it's an unexpected twist on traditional dog tag necklaces -- which are also available in the Proud Ally Collection.

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